Musicians Amplifying Fossil Fuel Divestment

Amplify Divestment focuses the cultural power of musicians on the fastest growing effort to tackle global warming – fossil fuel divestment.


Amplify Divestment brings together musicians who have pledged to take their money out of banks and superannuation funds that are funding the expansion of the fossil fuel industry when the science tells us we have to stop. These musicians are joining a movement with huge momentum, a movement of universities, churches, investment funds and thousands of people saying “it is wrong to wreck the climate and we want no part of that.” And as musicians, they are amplifying that message, singing it for the world to hear.

Amplify Divestment is helping musicians with the practical process of divesting and with communicating it to their fans. Learn more about the project and the issues here and join us!

How Online Casinos Support Nature Conservation and Amplify Fossil Fuel Divestment

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