Thanks for taking the first step and looking to help us amplify divestment. It might seem daunting, but we have a lot of resources to make the process easier.

What are we asking you to do?

In the first instance, we’re asking you to take the same step as thousands of other everyday Australians have already done – put your bank “on notice”. Write to them to tell them that, unless they stop funding fossil fuels, starting with a clear public statement that they won’t finance the new coal export projects in Queensland, you’ll move your money.

But musicians have more power than most people in taking this step. You won’t just influence your bank – you can influence your fans to join this rapidly growing campaign, and you can influence the whole public debate about coal and help take away its social licence to operate. Once you commit to this process, we’ll be asking you to talk about it – to other musicians, to your fans, to your manager or agent – to anyone who’ll listen!

What does it involve?

About now you’ll probably be wondering whether it’s feasible to move banks, especially with multiple accounts, loans, interlinked accounts…. Argh! Don’t worry, it’s very likely that you’ll find it much easier to change than expected and we can help manage the process. The main thing is to get started anyway you can, whether that be sending a letter to your bank and putting them “on notice”, switching a limited number of accounts that are easy to move, or simply sharing the campaign.

We’ll be there to help with every step, from communicating your concerns to the bank, making sure you powerfully communicate with your audience and the public about the fact you have put your bank “on notice”, through to making the switching process as easy as possible.

Get in touch with us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to work through the next steps!

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